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Most Tourist-Friendly Countries

The evolution of technology, the improvement of infrastructure, and the lowering of costs mean that more and more human beings can travel more frequently and further. The latest report of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) issued in 2018 endorses this positive environment for one of the activities that make us grow as a person, travel.

Traveling leads to cultures that aren’t like yours, monuments that don’t look like the ones you know, gastronomies that bring to your plate products and flavors that you can’t imagine.

But, above all, traveling is known to people who live in different circumstances and societies and who, if you are predisposed to do so, are more than likely to make you reflect on yours. Travel enriches and, judging from this report by the World Tourism Organization. We are increasingly the “richest “people.

Eight consecutive years of tourism growth translate into 1,326 million people traveling to another country in 2017, 7% more than in the previous year. The most significant percentage increase, 9 percent, occurred in destinations in Africa, although the most significant increase in the number of people, 672 million more, was in Europe.

  1. France

86.9 million visitors were attracted by France, from cities like Paris to the Loire castles.

  1. Spain

81.8 million international visitors arrived in Spain, enjoying their gastronomy, the historical richness of their cities and, of course, permanent sun destinations.

  1. United States

75.9 million people traveled to the continent-sized Western country, the United States, through its museums, through New York cinema, or directly through its cities.

  1. China

60.7 million international visitors arrived in China, the country from which a few million Chinese come, and then we find ourselves as tourists all over the world. They went to the Great Wall of China, of course, but also to the Chinese Himalayan region, to Hong Kong or rural china with little villages visited by foreigners.

  1. Italy

58.3 million visitors arrived in the country of pasta, pizza, and the impossibility to speak without testicular, Italy, visiting northern cities like Padua or Venice, the famous “Cinque Terre” and Tuscany, southern Italy and, of course, Rome and all its attractions.

  1. Mexico

39.3 million international visitors were received by Mexico, from the Riviera Maya and the Mexican Caribbean cruise ship to the colonial and Cantina buildings of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, are forgetting the extensive Baja California.

  1. United Kingdom

37.7 million international visitors to the United Kingdom set foot on the island still stunned by the results of the Brexit referendum, from London (always a good idea for a getaway) to Glasgow (which can be visited without significant expense) through natural attractions such as the giant’s Causeway.

  1. Turkey

37.6 million international visitors decided for a country that lives in many ways on horseback between East and West, between Asia and Europe, Turkey, visiting Istanbul (even briefly but free with Touristanbul) and its bazaars but also less touristic places, such as Ölüdeniz.

  1. Germany

37.5 million international travelers arrived at the so-called economic locomotive of Europe, Germany, and its capital, Berlin, where in addition to museums there are many things to do for FREE, not forgetting cities like Stuttgart or Dusseldorf.

$ 35.4 million of international tourists, among which was included in the team for the filming of “Resacón 2”, traveled to Thailand, one of the best party destinations in the world. It is one of the 10 most visited countries of Asia, where it is possible to eat for a euro, or celebrate new year’s Eve in some of its best islands, such as Koh Samui.

What about you? Have you been to any of these ten countries yet? Do you plan to travel to any of them? You have a whole year ahead of you to do it, so cheer up and start planning your next trip before the end of the year.